The Holy Family House of Prayer

Monday, May 21, 2018

16th May 2018

16th May 2018 (Midday prayers – “The Upper Room”)
My dear little ones,
It is time for the next part of your journey to begin.  There will be many prayers offered in this special place of prayer.  Healings will also happen because of your faithful obedience to following My instructions to you to build a special place of worship – a refuge for many.  Have courage my little ones to patiently wait upon the Divine Will of God in the other areas that as yet have not been revealed to you.  Just as you are told that there are many rooms in My Father’s house I want you to know that there are many layers to God your loving Father’s Divine Will.  I go before you to light your path.  Perseverance is needed.  Patiently wait and when the time is right all will be revealed to you.  The symbols chosen for this place of prayer have great importance.  The jug and bowl represent the humble service I gave by washing the feet of the disciples.  You too, are called to humble service for all that come seeking help.  The image of the Last Supper – the chalice and bread are a sign I left – I am with you until the end of time.  This is the spiritual food you need to sustain you for the journey.  The symbol of the Holy Spirit is the sign for Pentecost.  The disciples waited in the Upper Room praying and were filled with the grace of the Spirit of God in readiness for the next part of their journey.  You too, must pray and wait upon the Lord so that you can be filled to overflowing with the grace needed to nurture My hurting people.  Read Acts 1:8. I am calling you to be My witnesses – My servants of Divine Love.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

10th June 2017

10th June 2017
My dear little one,
Do not worry for I am with you always.  I go before you to light your path.  There is work for you to do.  It is most important that you prepare well for the time to come.  Spend time in preparation by studying the Holy Scriptures, by prayer and quiet contemplation and by coming often to Me in the blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I need you to come away from the noise and busy pace of the world so we can be as one in thought, word and deed.  I gave you the words – to speak less and listen more.  Study the hidden meaning of these words.  The internal words and critical thoughts you allow will influence the way you live your life.  Let go of any need for recognition and praise.  I have asked you to accept the last and most insignificant place instead of wanting the glory and honour.  I want to reign as King of your heart.  Prepare a worthy dwelling place for your Lord and God.  Concentrate more on cleansing of self in body, mind and soul while you are given this time of purification.  Do not spend your time judging others, for you have hear in the Holy Scriptures that God does not judge by outward appearances but by the heart within.  Turn off the worldly distractions that keep you distant from your Lord and God.  Come close to Me and I will reveal to you the mysteries of the Kingdom of God.

9th May 2017

Wisdom speaks less and listens more.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

22nd March 2017

22nd March 2017
My children,
Do not despair.  Stay close to Me.  I will lead you to pastures green.  Do not be afraid to walk through the valley of darkness.  Keep your eyes fixed on your Good Shepherd.  I will guide you along the right path.  I will not abandon you in your time of need.  Trust in Me.  Stay close to your Lord and Saviour.  Listen to the gentle promptings you are given by the Spirit of God.  Open your eyes up and see more clearly the holy way of the Lord.  I remind you again to the calling you have been given to be a bridge of hope to God’s struggling people.  Love is the way of the Lord.  Be generous and giving.  Allow My love to flood your soul and flow out continuously to these wounded souls.  It is not necessarily by words that you will change hearts but by your actions of holy love.  Love one another as I have loved you.  Deny self and you will rise up to live a new life led by the Spirit of God.  Be holy as I, your Lord and God am holy.